Snake & Ladders

Lots of bet challenges you see on websites have you building up a pot and putting all your winnings back on in the hope of winning tens of thousands of pounds. These bet challenges are usual ran by people or sites affiliated with bookmakers, knowing that the odds are against you winning they will eventually get the pay-out they want from the bookmarker.

I have my own bet challenge called snakes and ladders and it is one I like to use with the both teams to score market.

The system it’s self is very basic, it based around a both teams to score double, with these you usually see odds of 2/1 or 3.0 depending which system you use. A £10 bet returns and estimated £30. The following bet would be for £30, returning £90, at this stage you create your first extra life of £10 or bet 1.

The idea behind this is that no one wins each bet, but you can try and build your bets, if you win 2 out of 3 doubles you will be moving forward more than backwards.


As you move forward with the bet you start to bank more, which creates your lives, but also start to withdraw money along the way. The table above is based on estimated winnings. The hope with this is you can start a £10 bet that lasts a number of weeks, you bet with the bookmarkers money and not your own.

Each week I will be sharing my both teams to score double tip, as always only bet what you can afford to lose.