Bet Picks: 22nd September 2018

2 Bets this weekend, to start with is our Snakes and Ladders bet, 5 weekends ago we started this, winning the first 2 and losing the second 2, this has meant we climbed the ladder but have come back down to our original £10 stake. This is the method behind this bet though, that you use winnings to bet with, over 5 weeks we have been using the same £10 instead of betting all of the money and needing to start afresh each week.

I wanted some value with the bet, as we are looking to return £30 from £10, there are quite a few games that stand out for both teams to score and the book markers have priced them so low its not worth it for me, the 2 games I have picked are Lincoln V MK Dons and Barnsley V Burton.

Lincoln have had 3 out of 4 home games end with both teams scoring, while MK Dons have had 2 in 3 away games, there was no recent history but I liked this seasons form and it offered good value. Barnsley V Burton have had 2 in the last 3 in this fixture end with both scoring and Burton have managed it in 3 of their 4 away games.

The second bet is 2 both teams to score and 3 home wins. Picked the Aston Villa game for both teams to score as they are the best team for it so far this season, 6 in 6 in the league, while Cambridge and Mansfield fixture has seen 4 of the last 5 end with both teams scoring. These also gave good valued odds. 3 home wins, Leeds unbeaten this season taken on a Birmingham who are 20th in the league, top of the table Portsmouth playing 19th placed Wycombe and 2nd placed Exeter taking on 18th placed Cheltenham, again thought these offered brilliant odds for the fixture.