Snakes & Ladders bets update

So if you are unfamiliar with our snakes and ladders bet challenge, click here to read up about it. In short it is a double betting system designed to create extra lives as you move forward, enabling loses not to end the bets. A brief guide to bets and returns can be seen here.


This was the first double placed, £10 returning £31.09

For the second bet the full £31.09 was placed on another double, this one returning £100.44, going off of our bet structure above the next bet we place is around £80 depending on the odds, at this stage we can do 2 things, a £90.44 bet, keeping £10 to one side to return to bet 1 if needed, or bet £80.44 and create 2 extra £10 betting lives.

This way of betting is different to other bet challenges, as you move through the stages you bank and withdrawn money, the idea being a £10 bet can last a number of weeks or months, minimising the amount of money you put into your betting account, with this, it is always about patience, there is no need to rush into finding the next double, follow us on twitter and keep checking the website for our latest tips.