Bet Picks: 26th & 27th July 2018

We have 5 midweek MLS games to look at today spread over 26th and 27th July, I have split these out as the teams play again a few days later over the weekend, which I will be having a separate look at.

Parameter wise I have used the last 5 seasons for historical fixture data and this seasons form. We can see that this has predicted 4 of the 5 games to be both teams to score.


Having a look at the data behind these predictions, I can see that Philadelphia away record will be driving down the chances of both teams to score, with only 3 of thier 9 games ending this way.

Orlando and San Jose have strong home records for both teams to score with each only having 1 game each this season not finishing that way. Each away team has seen its away games end with both teams to score in atleast 50%


So not a huge amount of games to pick from but I have gone for a 4 fold of DC United, Los Angeles, Orlando and San Jose games all ending with both teams to score, its not a great return but if it comes in it the bet money for the weekend. 


After the weekends tips for July we are sitting at £63.30 profit, so the £5.36 I have put on this wont eat into the profit but hopefully tops it up ready for the weekends bets