Goal Rush - An Introduction

So this time last year I was getting ready for the new web design I had put together for FormFormTwo.Com (Rest in peace my old friend), just waiting for the new season to start ready and willing to take on the betting world after a successful first 6 months with what I was trying to do, but low and behold life sometimes takes a hold of you and that project had to be put away but from that idea GoalRush has been born.

FormFormTwo focused on a lot of different betting markets, results, cards, corners, goals, both teams to score, anything I could think of I created dashboards and tools to help people pick their bets more wisely. GoalRush will have a different focus, the both teams to score and goal markets, these are the markets I have enjoyed most success on over the years when it comes to betting. I like these markets too, as it’s a simple Yes or No, we either get it right, or we get it wrong.

Before FormFormTwo I was involved in a whatapp group called ‘Joey Bartons Tips’ here I would share the predictions I made for the both teams to score markets and we all enjoyed some good wins. I have always been caution when sharing tips among friends as you can never guarantee a win but I could guarantee these pick were based on data and were good picks.

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So in May 2018 I decided to start looking again at the both teams to score market, most European leagues had finished by now, so I took aim at the MLS, this seem like a great place to start for me, as it helped me have leagues throughout the year to look at. The plan I started with was my snakes and ladders style of betting (I’m sure I will be back on this when the English leagues kick off), a £10 double returns on average £30, you then bet the £30 and win £90, (putting away stake one as an extra life), this pattern continues and I always like betting with the bookmarkers money. What became apparent early on was the MLS was full of games with both teams scoring, thus reducing the odds, so I have moved away from this and looked at bet with atleast 4 games. I have mixed the types of bets up, picking 5 games and doing 4 folds off of these for example, or doing a Lucky 15 off 4 games, since May I have taken over £500 of bet wins from the MLS.

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When I pick games to bet on, I use the both teams to score dashboard and look at the last 5 seasons of the actual fixture data, while looking at the current seasons home and away form for each team. I also check on my prediction, how good are they? Do I have confidence in what my model predicts?

So far for the MLS I have predicted 74 both teams to score predictions since May, with 50 of these being correct, a strike rate of 68%, so nearly 7 out of 10 games I am correctly predicting the outcome, this is given me a great platform to win bets from.

This was just a little introduction about what I do, each weekend I will be writing up an article about what games I am picking and what bet’s I am placing. So if that’s you sort of thing, keep coming back to the website and give us a follow on Twitter.